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(Palm Beach Gardens, FL, January 13, 2010):  The Tico Torres Children Foundation, in conjunction with Advant Salud and Global Care Delivery inc. is organizing a massive effort to mobilize doctors, nurses and supplies both on location in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic to aid the children of Haiti in need of health care services.

This will be accomplished in cooperation with HOMS hospitals, the leading medical center in the Dominican Republic, and Global Care Delivery Inc. and its network of doctors worldwide.

The Hispanic Health Professional Association Inc. will be supporting Advant Salud as well as the Dominican Consulate of New York.

We will be mobilizing these efforts with Aeroambulancia of the Dominican Republic.

We appreciate your charitable donations through the Tico Torres Children Foundation and our operators are standing by should you wish to donate to our efforts.

Please Contact:
Phone: 1-877-280-9227
Fax:      1-877-280-9226

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The Tico Torres Children Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 charity, FI #26-2904805, developed to assist children in need to fight hunger, disease, homelessness, neglect, abuse and illness.

Through funds raised and generous donations we hope to assist children in need. Expenses will be minimal as the Foundation has no payroll as executives and all collateral support is donated by Board Members and volunteers.  The charity will strive for an eighty percent ratio of funds received from all sources benefiting the children directly.

While initial funding for the Foundation was donated by Tico and his family, the Foundation continues to solicit donations to support the mission.  Fund-raising events, grants, and memorabilia sales will also generate funds.

Executive Director, Gina Franano
894 Windermere Way, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
tel.  561-632-7795

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